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How To Install A Ceiling Exhaust Fan

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Ceiling exhaust fan is a common type of exhaust fan, ceiling exhaust fan is more hidden, can improve the overall aesthetics of the kitchen, so it is welcomed by many people. So how to install the ceiling exhaust fan? Here we will look at it together.

First, the ceiling exhaust fan introduction

Exhaust fan by the motor driven blades rotating drive airflow, so that the indoor and outdoor exchange of air conditioning appliances, also known as ventilation fan, ventilation fan, more used in homes and public places. The purpose of exhaust is to remove the dirty indoor air, adjust the temperature, humidity and feel the effect.

Second, the installation of ceiling exhaust fan place

Ceiling exhaust fan appearance is better, can be installed in the ceiling of the room, the exhaust fan pipe is shorter, so the installation also need to buy a matching pipeline with the ventilation pipe. Because this exhaust fan is one-way operation, only the indoor air out, coupled with the operation of the pipe length weakened the exhaust strength, so only suitable for installation in the air circulation is good for installation in a small space.

Third, the ceiling exhaust fan installation precautions

1、Before installation

Fan installation should be carefully checked before the fan is intact, whether the fastener bolts are loose or fall off, the impeller has no collision with the wind cover. Carefully check whether the fan blade or louvre is deformed and damaged in the process of transport; when installing and selecting the outlet environment, attention should be paid to the outlet 2.5-3M within the obstacles can not be too large.


Installation of smooth, fan installation should pay attention to the horizontal position of the fan, adjusted to the fan and the foundation plane level stable. After installation, the motor should not be tilted; when installing the fan, the adjusting bolt of the motor should be in a convenient position for operation. In order to facilitate the use of adjusting the belt tension; installation of fan bracket, be sure to let the bracket and the foundation plane level stable, if necessary, in the fan next to the installation of angle iron for re-strengthening; fan installation is completed, to check the sealing around it. If there is a gap, the sunshine board or glass glue can be used for sealing.

3、Installation completed

After the installation is completed, check whether there are tools and debris left inside the fan. With a hand or toggle the fan blade, check whether there is too tight or rubbing phenomenon, there is no obstacle to the rotation of the goods without abnormal phenomena, before the test run; operation, such as fan vibration or motor ‘buzzing’ abnormal sound or other abnormal phenomena should be shut down to check, to be repaired and then start to use.

The above is introduced to you is the kitchen ceiling exhaust fan installation precautions knowledge, ceiling exhaust fan beautiful, easy to install, with hidden, and living room environment is harmonious, you can choose to use ceiling exhaust fan.

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