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What is an exhaust fan?

Exhaust fans in the home are very beneficial for maintaining the ideal temperature and air quality. Kitchen, bathroom, or whole-home systems improve ventilation, letting out the bad to better the indoor environment. Learn how they work,

08/ 25 / 2021
What is an AC motor?

An AC motor is a device that converts AC electrical energy into mechanical energy. We often use AC motors in our production and life, so what is an AC motor? Let's take a look at the answer next.

08/ 06 / 2021
shaded pole motor.jpg
How to classify shaded pole motors?

How to classify shaded pole motors?Shaded pole motors, also called shaded pole motors, are single-phase AC motors, usually using cage-shaped skew-slot cast aluminum rotors. It is divided into salient pole type shaded pole motor and hidden pole type shaded pole motor according to the different shape

07/ 29 / 2021
kitchen exhaust fan.jpg
How to choose and install kitchen exhaust fans?

How to choose and install kitchen exhaust fans?The kitchen exhaust fan, as the name suggests, is a fan used for exhaust in the kitchen. Although the kitchen exhaust fan is a very inconspicuous component, it plays a big role and can ensure the ventilation of our kitchen. It is used in many home kitch

07/ 27 / 2021
warmer fan motor.jpg
How to choose a warmer fan motor?

The warmer fan motor is a combined unit composed of a ventilator, an electric motor, and a radiator. It is suitable for all types of workshops where the air is allowed to be recirculated. When the air does not contain dust or flammable gas, it can be used as circulating air for heating. Here is the

07/ 22 / 2021
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