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How To Install A Ceiling Exhaust Fan

Kitchen itself is a place with more grease and smoke, and the installation of kitchen exhaust fan can help us purify the air in the kitchen and remove the grease and smoke from the kitchen. Ceiling exhaust fan is one of the more common types of exhaust fan, so we will introduce you to the installation of ceiling exhaust fan below, hope it can help you.

05/ 14 / 2024
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Why fan motor overheating

In the sweltering heat of summer, electric fans serve as essential companions, providing much-needed relief. However, overheating issues in electric fan motors can disrupt this comfort and pose potential safety hazards. This comprehensive guide delves into the common causes behind motor overheating and outlines effective remedies, ensuring your fan operates smoothly and safely throughout the season.

06/ 26 / 2024
table fan motor.png
What is a table fan motor?

In our daily life, table fan motors play a huge role in our production and life. Part of the fans we use every day are composed of table fan motors. So, what is a table fan motor? Next, we look at the answer.

06/ 10 / 2022
shaded pole motor.png
What is a shaded pole motor & how it works?

A large number of motors are manufactured with small ratings for the operation of a single-phase AC supply. The motors that are built with fractional horsepower sizes are called small motors. They are most useful in homes, offices, businesses, and many more. Since the requirements of the applications differ widely and manufacturing industries develop several types of motors. In such a way that their operating characters meet demands. Single-phase AC motors are cheaper, more reliable, simple in construction, and very easy to repair. This article describes a shaded pole motor and its working.

06/ 05 / 2022
mini fan.png
What is a mini fan?

The main component of a mini fan is an AC motor, and its working principle is that the energized coil rotates under the force of a magnetic field, so that the mini fan blades rotate. The conversion formed of energy is that electrical energy is mainly converted into mechanical energy. At the same time, due to the resistance of the coil, it is inevitable that part of the electrical energy will be converted into heat energy. Generally, the motors of mini fans (using 220V AC) are capacitor split-phase single-phase motors. It has two windings: the main winding (running winding); the secondary winding (starting winding). The main winding is directly connected to the 220v power supply, and the secondary winding is connected to the 220v power supply after the capacitor in series.

06/ 03 / 2022
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