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How to install an exhaust fan in the kitchen?

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In our lives, exhaust fans are indispensable products. Although this kind of product is relatively small, it is very important for home furnishings and has played a big role. The main purpose is to allow our kitchen to be ventilated. So today we will introduce to you how to install a kitchen exhaust fan and how to choose a suitable kitchen exhaust fan, hoping to help you.

kitchen exhaust fan

Here is the content list:

1. How to install an exhaust fan in the kitchen?

2. How to choose a kitchen exhaust fan?

How to install an exhaust fan in the kitchen?

(1) Before installing the kitchen exhaust fan:

Before installing the kitchen exhaust fan, carefully check whether the fan is intact, whether the fastener bolts are loose or falling off, and whether the impeller collides with the wind cover. Check carefully whether the fan blades or shutters are deformed or damaged during transportation. When installing and selecting the air outlet environment, it should be noted that there should be no too large obstacles within 2.5-3m from the opposite side of the air outlet.

(2) When installing the kitchen exhaust fan:

Pay attention to the horizontal position of the fan when installing the exhaust fan, adjust it to the level of the fan and the foundation, and the motor of the kitchen exhaust fan must not be tilted after installation. When installing the exhaust fan, the adjusting bolt of the motor should be in a convenient position to adjust the belt tightness when using the exhaust fan. When installing the fan bracket, be sure to make the bracket and the foundation plane level and stable. If necessary, install an angle iron next to the fan for re-reinforcement. After the fan is installed, check the airtightness around it. If there is a gap, it can be sealed with a solar panel or glass glue.

(3) Installation of the kitchen exhaust fanis completed:

After the kitchen exhaust fan is installed, check whether there are any leftover tools and sundries inside the exhaust fan. Use your hand or move the fan blade to check whether it is too tight or whether there are objects that hinder the rotation. Test operation can only be carried out if there is no abnormal phenomenon; if the fan of the kitchen exhaust fan vibrates or the motor has a "buzzing" abnormal sound or other abnormal phenomena during operation, it should be shut down and checked, and the kitchen exhaust fan can be turned on after repair.

How to choose a kitchen exhaust fan?

(1) Look at the size of the operating noise of the exhaust fan and choose a low noise.

(2) Test the exhaust air volume of the kitchen exhaust fan: turn on the exhaust fan and place a piece of paper about 50cm below the exhaust fan port. If it can be sucked up, it means it is good.

(3) Because it is used in the kitchen, it is necessary to choose an exhaust fan that is easy to disassemble and assemble and is too complicated to clean.

(4) Do not choose an exhaust fan with a grille, as it will accumulate oil after a long time.

(5) If you want to use the kitchen exhaust fan for a long time, you should choose a brand machine. The motor of the brand machine is not easy to burn.

(6) Choose a kitchen exhaust fan, it is best to choose a square type. Round type is not easy to open holes

(7) Choose plastic steel material instead of an iron kitchen exhaust fan because iron is easy to rust.

The above is all about how to install an exhaust fan in the kitchen and how to choose a good kitchen exhaust fan. If the kitchen is not equipped with an exhaust fan, the kitchen will be damp and the smell will be relatively unpleasant. Therefore, it is necessary to install an exhaust fan in the kitchen. Before leaving the factory, Guangzhou Yuexun Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. has carried out a large number of quality tests on the kitchen exhaust fans, and the quality assurance rate is guaranteed. If you want to buy a kitchen exhaust fan, you can consider using our cost-effective products.

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