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Where should a kitchen exhaust fan be placed?

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The placement of kitchen exhaust fans can affect both the fan's performance and your home's air quality. An ineffective installation can cause several problems, including rattling noise, poor air movement, and the dumping of contaminants into other parts of the home. You can improve the operation of a kitchen ducted exhaust fan by installing it in the right place according to the layout of your kitchen and your home.

kitchen exhaust fan

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Where should a kitchen exhaust fan be placed

Best locations for kitchen exhaust fans

Sidewall Exhaust Fan Location

Where Should A Kitchen Exhaust Fan Be Placed?

There are different types of kitchen exhaust fans and ventilation systems that can be installed within kitchens to eliminate moisture and odors while cooking. These include kitchen ceiling fans, under-cabinet exhaust fans, downdraft vent hoods, and kitchen ducted exhaust fans. Of these styles, ceiling exhaust fans will mostly move air around, while under-cabinet exhaust fans or downdraft vent exhaust fans work to remove and replace the greasy, humid air with air that has been filtered.

The kitchen exhaust fan is the only one that will take contaminated air out of the home and dispel it into the atmosphere. But, knowing where to locate these exhaust fans can make a big difference in performance.

Best locations for kitchen exhaust fans

Best exhaust fans Locations

· Ceiling mounted above the stove

· The inside cabinet above the stove

· Inside a range hood

· Wall-mounted beside the stove

Best Venting and Ductwork Locations

· Vent kitchen fan directly outside of the structure

· Avoid venting between floors or walls

· Keep ductwork as straight and smooth as possible

· Minimize duct bending to avoid crushing or dents

· Use the maximum diameter duct to fit the exhaust fan

· Do not vent into the attic or crawlspace

Sidewall Exhaust Fan Locations

The kitchen exhaust fan is a great option for locations that do not have the ceiling space and/or sufficient duct routing space up and out of the home's roof or other vent locations. These kitchen exhaust fans can not only vent but also cool a variety of locations, including kitchens, attics, sheds, greenhouses, and garage spaces. This new generation of shutter kitchen exhaust fan is quieter and features smart technology, such as a programmable controller that automatically adjusts airflow in response to changing temperatures.

Shutter kitchen exhaust fan can also be installed within an existing window or opening in the wall to avoid the necessity of duct routing up and out of the kitchen area. The added benefit to removing stale, greasy air is the cooling effect and ease of installation for these high-powered kitchen exhaust fans. Shutter fans are mounted on the interior side of the structure without any need for external framing or additional shutters to deflect rainwater.

Guangzhou Yuexun Electric Appliance Co., Ltd has developed a variety of different kitchen exhaust fans. If you are in the kitchen exhaust fans business, you can consider using our cost-effective products.

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