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What is the function of a Warmer fan?

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Warmer fan motor, in a shaded pole motor, is widely used for general baking, drying, heat treatment, and other heating in industry, agriculture, or laboratory. Then, let’s introduce in detail what are the specific functions of the warmer fan motor?



What is the operation principle of a warmer fan motor?

What are the maintenance skills of warmer fan motors?

Are warmer fans motor safe?

What is the operation principle of a warmer fan motor?

A warmer fan motor, in a shaded pole motor, is a kind of energy consumption into heat energy to heat the material to be heated. Work in cryogenic fluid through the pipe under the action of pressure into the input port, along with the electric heating container within specific in hot runner, the path of the design with the principle of fluid thermodynamics, take away the heat energy produced by electric heating element work, make the heating medium temperature, warmer fans motor export process requirements of the high-temperature medium. The internal control system of the warmer fan automatically adjusts the output power of the warmer fan motor according to the temperature sensor signal of the output outlet, so that the temperature of the medium at the output outlet is uniform. When the heating element is over temperature, the independent overheating protection device of the heating element will immediately cut off the heating power supply to avoid coking, deterioration, and carbonization caused by the heating material over temperature, which will lead to the burning out of the heating element in serious cases and effectively prolong the service life of the warmer fan motor.


What are the maintenance skills of warmer fan motors?

After the warmer fan motor, in a shaded pole motor, has been used for a period of time, there will be a layer of foreign matter and dust on the surface, which will affect the fan heat if not cleaned in time. The long operation of the warmer fan motor, but also to carry out regular maintenance and replacement of internal parts. This step should be completed by professionals, and the warmer fan motor cannot be dismantled without permission, because it is easy to cause a short circuit and motor stop operation, easy to burn out the fuse, and in serious cases, it will cause a fire. At temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius, or at extremely low temperatures, you should clean the ice and frost off the top before turning it on.


Are warmer fans safe?

Warmer fan motors are unsealed appliances with live electric parts inside, so they are not safe to use in wet environments because of the risk of electrical injury if moisture provides a conductive path to electrically live parts. Warmer fan motors usually have a thermal fuse close to the heating element(s) to prevent overheating damage in the event of fan failure or air intakes becoming blocked, and a tip-over switch to shut the heater off when the fan outlet is not in the required orientation. Metal-cased heaters may perform better in the case of possible fire-causing faults than plastic-cased ones since the case will stay intact and is not flammable, but the metal case presents a higher risk of electric shock if a heater malfunction. Portable fuel-powered warmer fan motors release all the fumes of combustion into the room, creating a risk of poisoning by carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.


Although the warmer fan motor has some safety risks, as long as you pay more attention to the usual, regular maintenance, in general, or defects. There is no denying that the warmer fan motor still plays an irreplaceable position. If you are in the warmer fan motor business, you can consider our cost-effective products.

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