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What is an AC motor?

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An AC motor is a device that converts AC electrical energy into mechanical energy. We often use AC motors in our production and life, so what is an AC motor? Let's take a look at the answer next.


A brief evaluation of AC motor

Introduction to AC motors

The main purpose of AC motors

A brief evaluation of AC motor

An AC motor is a device that converts AC electrical energy into mechanical energy. The AC motor is mainly composed of an electromagnet winding or distributed stator winding to generate a magnetic field and a rotating armature or rotor. The motor is made by using the phenomenon that the energized coil rotates under a force in a magnetic field. AC motors are divided into two types: synchronous AC motors and induction motors.

The stator winding of a three-phase AC motor is basically three coils separated by 120 degrees, which are connected in a delta or star shape. When a three-phase current is applied, a magnetic field is generated in each coil, and the three magnetic fields are combined to obtain a rotating magnetic field

Introduction to AC motors

AC motors are composed of a stator and a rotor. AC motors are divided into two types: synchronous AC motors and induction motors. In both motors, the stator-side windings are fed with alternating current to generate a rotating magnetic field. However, the rotor windings of synchronous AC motors usually require the excitation machine to supply direct current (exciting current); while the induction motors do not need to be supplied with the current to the rotor windings.

According to the rotation speed of the rotor, AC motors can be divided into synchronous AC motors and asynchronous AC motors (or non-synchronous motors). Regardless of the size of the load, the rotor speed of a synchronous AC motor is always the same as the speed of the rotating magnetic field. Therefore, this speed is called synchronous speed. As mentioned above, AC motors only depend on the frequency of the power source. The speed of an asynchronous AC motor is not constant, it depends on the size of the load and the power supply voltage. Three-phase asynchronous motors are divided into motors without commutator and AC motors with the commutator. In practical applications, most asynchronous AC motors are induction AC motors without rectifiers (but three-phase asynchronous commutator motors in parallel and series have the advantages of being able to adjust the speed in a large range and have a high power factor). Less than the synchronization speed.

The main purpose of AC motors

The working efficiency of the AC motor is high, there is no smoke, dust, smell, no pollution to the environment, and low noise. Due to a series of advantages of AC motors, AC motors are widely used in industrial and agricultural production, transportation, national defense, commerce, household appliances, and medical electrical equipment.

Every manufacturer has the responsibility to produce AC motors that meet the standards to ensure the healthy development of the AC motor market. Before leaving the factory, Guangzhou Yuexun Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. has carried out a large number of connection tests on the AC motors, and the quality assurance rate has been guaranteed. If you are in the AC motor business, you can consider using our cost-effective products.

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