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What type of AC motor?

An AC motor is a machine used to realize the mutual conversion of mechanical energy and AC electrical energy. Due to the tremendous development of AC power systems, AC motors have become the most commonly used motors. Compared with DC motors, AC motors do not have a commutator (see the commutation of DC motors), so AC motors are simple in structure, easy to manufacture, firmer, and easy to be made into high-speed, high-voltage, high-current, and large-capacity ones. Motor. The power coverage of AC motors is very large, from a few watts to hundreds of thousands of kilowatts, or even millions of kilowatts. In the early 1980s, the largest steam turbine AC motor reached 1.5 million kilowatts. So what are the types of AC motors? Let's take a look next.

04/ 11 / 2022
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What is the working principle of an AC motor?

The AC motor is mainly composed of an electromagnet winding or distributed stator winding to generate a magnetic field and a rotating armature or rotor. So what is the working principle of an AC motor? Let's take a look next.

03/ 28 / 2022
What is the method to find the fault condition of the AC motor?

AC motor single-phase grounding fault is defined as insulation damage that occurs only between one phase conductor and the ground in the power system of a three-phase AC motor. Broadly speaking, a single-phase AC motor ground fault includes a single-phase grounding short circuit.

09/ 12 / 2021
What is an AC motor?

An AC motor is a device that converts AC electrical energy into mechanical energy. We often use AC motors in our production and life, so what is an AC motor? Let's take a look at the answer next.

08/ 06 / 2021
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