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What is a mini fan?

The main component of a mini fan is an AC motor, and its working principle is that the energized coil rotates under the force of a magnetic field, so that the mini fan blades rotate. The conversion formed of energy is that electrical energy is mainly converted into mechanical energy. At the same time, due to the resistance of the coil, it is inevitable that part of the electrical energy will be converted into heat energy. Generally, the motors of mini fans (using 220V AC) are capacitor split-phase single-phase motors. It has two windings: the main winding (running winding); the secondary winding (starting winding). The main winding is directly connected to the 220v power supply, and the secondary winding is connected to the 220v power supply after the capacitor in series.

06/ 03 / 2022
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Is a mini fan really convenient?

Nowadays, there are many types of electric fans, including large ones and small ones. So what is a small electric fan? A mini fan, as the name suggests, refers to an electric fan with a small size and low power, which is also convenient to carry.

05/ 15 / 2022
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How to make your mini fan motor more durable?

In the hot summer, people feel uncomfortably hot wherever they go. Therefore, I often carry a paper fan, so that I can use it to cool down anytime and anywhere. This is the simplest kind of portable fan, but it requires manpower to shake the fan to use, and human activities cause more heat, so the actual use effect is not good. Thus, the mini fan was born. Do you know how to buy a durable mini fan?

05/ 01 / 2022
What is the specific function of a Mini fan?

People will feel hot wherever they go in the hot summer. So often carry a cattail fan, in order to cool down anytime and anywhere. This is the simplest portable fan, with the continuous development of science and technology,

09/ 06 / 2021
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How does a mini fan work?

How does a mini fan work? A mini-powered fan is a small, portable mini cord-connected cooling device that can be easily moved from place to place and charged using the included mini cord. With the mini cord, you can power your mini fan using your laptop, computer, or an external power bank. Here is

07/ 15 / 2021
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