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How to make your mini fan motor more durable?

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In the hot summer, people feel uncomfortably hot wherever they go. Therefore, I often carry a paper fan, so that I can use it to cool down anytime and anywhere. This is the simplest kind of portable fan, but it requires manpower to shake the fan to use, and human activities cause more heat, so the actual use effect is not good. Thus, the mini fan was born. Do you know how to buy a durable mini fan?

mini fan

Here is the content list:

What is the working principle of a mini fan motor?

What are the advantages of mini motors?

How to maintain the mini motor?

What is the working principle of a mini fan motor?

Mini fans are generally AC motors. A mini motor is a machine that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. The Mini fan is mainly composed of an electromagnet winding or distributed stator winding to generate a magnetic field and a rotating armature or rotor. The Mini fan is made by using the phenomenon that the energized coil rotates in a magnetic field. The AC motors are composed of a stator and a rotor, and the stator and the rotor use the same power supply, so the direction of the current in the stator and the rotor is always synchronized, that is, the direction of the current in the coil changes and the direction of the current in the electromagnet also changes. According to the left-hand rule, the direction of the magnetic force on the coil remains unchanged, and the coil can continue to rotate. Mini motors use this principle to work.

What are the advantages of mini motors?

1. Mini fans are cheaper to manufacture.

2. With the development of vector frequency conversion technology, a frequency conversion motor can be used to simulate direct current.

3. Compared with the Mini fans, it has sufficient advantages in simple structure, easy maintenance, low environmental requirements, energy-saving, and increased productivity, so that AC motor speed regulation has been widely used in industrial and agricultural production, transportation, national defense, and daily life.

How to maintain the mini motor?

1. Check whether the grounding of the mini electric and starting equipment is reliable and complete and whether the wiring is correct and good.

2. Check whether the voltage and frequency indicated on the nameplate of the Mini fans are consistent with the power supply voltage and frequency.

3. Before starting a newly installed or long-term out-of-service motor, check the phase-to-phase and phase-to-ground insulation resistance of the windings. The insulating ground group should be greater than 0.5 megohms. If it is lower than this value, the winding must be dried.

4. For wound rotors, check whether the brush device on the slip ring can work normally and whether the brush pressure meets the requirements.

5. Check whether the Mini fans rotate flexibly and whether the oil in the sliding bearing reaches the specified oil level.

It is the responsibility of each manufacturer to produce Mini fans that meet the standards, so as to ensure the safety of the electricity supply. Guangzhou Yuexun Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. conducts many tests on the durable Mini fans before they leave the factory, and the quality qualification rate is guaranteed. If you are in the Mini fans business, you can consider our cost-effective products.

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