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How to make your mini fan motor more durable?

In the hot summer, people feel uncomfortably hot wherever they go. Therefore, I often carry a paper fan, so that I can use it to cool down anytime and anywhere. This is the simplest kind of portable fan, but it requires manpower to shake the fan to use, and human activities cause more heat, so the actual use effect is not good. Thus, the mini fan was born. Do you know how to buy a durable mini fan?

05/ 01 / 2022
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How to classify wall fan motors?

"Wall fan motor" is a machine used to realize the mutual conversion of mechanical energy and AC electrical energy. Due to the great development of AC power systems, wall fan motors have become the most commonly used motors. Since the wall fan motor does not have a commutator, it has a simple structure, is convenient to manufacture, and is relatively firm, and it is easy to be made into a motor with high speed, high voltage, large current, and large capacity.

04/ 21 / 2022
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What is the working principle of the wall fan motor?

Motivation is a machine that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. The wall fan motor structure mainly includes two parts: the rotor and the stator. The rotor is the rotating part of the wall fan motor and consists of a shaft seat. Its basic principle is to use the interaction between a charged conductor and a magnetic field to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. The arrangement of conductor windings determines the type and characteristics of the wall fan motor.

04/ 01 / 2022
What is an exhaust fan?

Exhaust fans in the home are very beneficial for maintaining the ideal temperature and air quality. Kitchen, bathroom, or whole-home systems improve ventilation, letting out the bad to better the indoor environment. Learn how they work,

08/ 25 / 2021
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