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What is a shaded pole motor & how it works?

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A large number of motors are manufactured with small ratings for the operation of a single-phase AC supply. The motors that are built with fractional horsepower sizes are called small motors. They are most useful in homes, offices, businesses, and many more. Since the requirements of the applications differ widely and manufacturing industries develop several types of motors. In such a way that their operating characters meet demands. Single-phase AC motors are cheaper, more reliable, simple in construction, and very easy to repair. This article describes a shaded pole motor and its working.

shaded pole motor

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What is Shaded Pole Motor?

Working Principle of Shaded Pole Motor

Working of Shaded Pole Motor

What is Shaded Pole Motor?

A shaded pole motorinduction motor is a simple single-phase induction motor, which is self-starting with one of the poles Shaded by the copper ring. The other name of the copper ring is a shaded pole motor ring, where it acts as a secondary winding motor. It rotates only in one direction particularly and reverses moment is impossible. This motor has very high- power induction losses and also has a very low power factor. Starting torque induced in the motor is very low. Due to these reasons, it has poor efficiency. This, it has low power ratings. It is also a salient pole split phase motor.

Working Principle of Shaded Pole Motor

It has two poles as shown in the basic shaded pole motor construction. This motor is made up of a stator and a rotor which is cage type. The stator has projected poles also called main poles in it. The shaded pole motor supply winding on the main poles forms the main winding. The poles in this motor are unequally divided into two halves where the smaller portion is the Shaded portion that carries a copper band. A copper ring, which is a single turn is fitted on the smaller part. This ring is also known as a shading coil. The shading coil fitted on the main pole is called the shading pole.

When power is supplied to the shaded pole motor stator, flux is induced in the main part of the pole. This flux induces a voltage in the shading coil. This acts as a secondary winding. By Lenz’s law, the current direction should be in such a way that, is opposing the flux entering into the coil. This acts as a secondary winding of a transformer.

Working of Shaded Pole Motor

In the core, when a single phase is applied an alternating flux is generated. This shaded pole motor flux links with the Shaded coil in fraction amounts. Then voltage gets induced in the coil due to the variation in the flux linking. Hence, the shaded pole motor is short-circuited due to which it produces the circulating current in it. In such a way, the direction is opposing the main flux.

The main core flux is opposed by the flux in the ring that is developed by the circulating current. Hence, flux is induced in the shaded pole motor of the motor along with the unshaded portion with a phase difference, which is lagging behind the unshaded pole flux. There is also a space displacement that is less than 90 degrees between a shaded pole motor ring flux and the main motor flux. Due to this space displacement, a rotating magnetic field is produced which leads to a torque on the cage motor. To obtain reversal in the direction of rotation, we have to provide two shading coils.

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