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room ceiling fan motor with light

Why we need the details of fan motors to offer you the bottom prices?


From the first day I work in fan motor and electric fan industrial, there are many friends and new customers will begin a real contact with a quote for fan motors.

Yes, a quote is very easy. YK fan motor will offer you the fan motor prices within 2 hours normally. While, you may donot know why we ask the details of the fan motors before offer you the best prices.

The basic data we need to know when making a fan motor quotation is listed as below:

1. What kind of fan motor? --- If you got a picture, that is better.

2. The size of the fan motor stator.---That is size of the fan motor, very important for the prices checking.

3. Wire winding material.--- Pure copper, pure aluminum, copper&aluminum will leads to different prices and different fan motor quality levels.

4. Power cord.---Length and the diameter of the power cord, how many wires, with plug/ connector or not.

The above four basic points only provides us the conditions to get a price range for you. So we will offer you with usually two prices: the cheapest price and the high price.

Let me to show you two similar wall fan motors to explain why the details is so important for you to get the accurate and best prices in a quotation:

---You can see the size and outlook of the wall fan motors are almost the same. While, there are still many differences: fan motor cover material, wall fan motor capacitor, power cord, etc. (All these differences will make the fan motor prices different. )

wall fan motor

---Different power cord for the two similar wall fan motors:

--- Special design of the connecting shaft for the two similar wall fan motors:

wall fan motor price

Then, many friends will ask, it is so complicated to get a accuate bottom price for a fan motor. Is there any simpler way?---Yes. sure. The best way is that we can get your fan motor sample.

While, we will make all details clear and offer you the best prices for fan motors if you cann not offer the sample to us. ---Just remember to tell us about your fan motor details as more as you can when you ask a quote.

Get your free quote within 2 hours; Free samples within 3 days!