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Do you know much about Shaded pole motors?

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We often use some machines that have shaded pole motors in our daily life, but do you really know it. Shaded pole motor, which with a warmer fan motor is one of the simplest unidirectional AC motors and usually adopts cage chute cast-aluminum rotor. If you're interested, please read on.

Here is the content list:

What is the structure of the shaded pole motor?

What are the strengths of the shaded pole motor?

What are the classifications of shaded pole motors?

What is the structure of the shaded pole motor?

The shaded pole motor is mainly composed of the rotor assembly, stator assembly, wire package assembly, bracket assembly, and connecting fasteners, which include a warmer fan motor as well. The aluminum rotor assembly is mainly composed of a cast aluminum rotor, a shaft, a thrust washer to prevent the rotor from moving forward and backward, and a gasket to adjust the channeling momentum. The stator assembly is mainly composed of a short circuit ring and the main stator core. The wire package assembly is mainly composed of coil, skeleton, wiring or thermal protector, and related insulation wrapping materials. The bracket assembly is divided into front bracket assembly, and back bracket assembly according to the different installation positions of axial extension end and non-axial extension end.

shaded pole motors

What are the strengths of shaded pole motor?

Firstly, reasonable structure design, the flexible direction of the lead wire, the junction box of the cover shaded pole motor itself can be rotated and installed. And then, Superior shaded pole motor performance low noise, low vibration, high-performance protection level. Thirdly, meet the requirements of the dust-proof sealing ring, heating belt, oil-proof sealing ring, oil injection, special shaft extension, special flange, and so on. Last but not least, adopt the optimization design, which has high efficiency, can produce a considerable energy-saving effect. A shaded pole motor, with a warmer fan motor, can also adopt the optimization design, has high efficiency, can produce a considerable energy-saving effect.

What are the classifications of shaded pole motors?

There are two types of shaded pole motors. The first one is the Salient pole cover, and another is a hidden pole type cover pole. The stator core of a salient shaded pole motor is a square, rectangular or circular magnetic field frame with protruding magnetic poles. Each pole has one or more auxiliary short-circuit copper rings, namely the shaded pole winding. The central winding on the salient pole serves as the primary winding. Non-salient pole type cover shaded pole motor stator core is the same as the common core of single-phase motor, the stator winding adopts the distributed winding, the main distribution in stator slot winding, shaded pole winding doesn’t short circuit copper ring, but with the course, the enameled wire wound as distributed winding (series after short circuit) embedded in the stator slot (about a third of the total number of slots), a support group. The main winding and the cover winding at a certain Angle apart from each other. When the main winding of the shaded pole motor is energized, the shaded pole winding will also produce inductive current, which makes the flux of the covered part of the stator magnetic pole winding and the uncovered part rotate towards the direction of the covered part.

After reading this article, do you have a more detailed understanding of the shaded pole motor? You also have a better understanding when dealing with the shaded pole motor problems. If you are in the shaded pole motor business, you can consider our cost-effective products.

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