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What are the characteristics of shaded pole motors?

Shaded pole motors are very common in our lives, such as wall fan motors and so on. You can see him in air conditioners or refrigerators. The drain pump used in the air conditioner embedded machine is a typical shaded pole motor with a low defect rate, while the shaded pole motor in the refrigerator works synchronously when the compressor is working and blows out the cold temperature of the evaporator, which can also be said to be a circulating fan motor. However, do you really know what a shaded pole motor is and how to choose it?

05/ 22 / 2022
What is the function of the shaded pole motor?

The shaded pole motor, with a warmer fan motor, is the original type of AC single-phase induction motor, dating back to at least as early as 1890. A shaded pole motor is a small squirrel-cage motor in which the auxiliary winding is composed of a copper ring or bar surrounding a portion of each pole.

09/ 24 / 2021
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How to classify shaded pole motors?

How to classify shaded pole motors?Shaded pole motors, also called shaded pole motors, are single-phase AC motors, usually using cage-shaped skew-slot cast aluminum rotors. It is divided into salient pole type shaded pole motor and hidden pole type shaded pole motor according to the different shape

07/ 29 / 2021
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How to choose a warmer fan motor?

The warmer fan motor is a combined unit composed of a ventilator, an electric motor, and a radiator. It is suitable for all types of workshops where the air is allowed to be recirculated. When the air does not contain dust or flammable gas, it can be used as circulating air for heating. Here is the

07/ 22 / 2021
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Do you know much about Shaded pole motors?

Do you know much about Shaded pole motors?We often use some machines that have shaded pole motors in our daily life, but do you really know it. Shaded pole motor, which with a warmer fan motor is one of the simplest unidirectional AC motors and usually adopts cage chute cast-aluminum rotor. If you'r

06/ 17 / 2021
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