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Do you really understand kitchen exhaust fans?

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In the hot summer, when cooking, the kitchen exhaust fan can quickly exhaust the sultry indoor air, and suck the air from the other side of the outdoors indoors. The temperature will be equal to the outside temperature so that the temperature in the kitchen will not rise and take away the human body. Heat makes people feel very cool. Do you really understand kitchen exhaust fans?


Here is the content list:

What is the working principle of kitchen exhaust fans?

What are the advantages of kitchen exhaust fans?

How to install the kitchen exhaust fans?


What is the working principle of a kitchen exhaust fan motor?

The kitchen exhaust fan uses a special motor with a die-cast aluminum alloy shell, and the protection level reaches the highest level of IP12. The motor can be used continuously for 2400/hours without electricity. The shell is made of FRP (Glass Reinforced Plastics) material, which is lightweight, insulated, no rust, no aging, moisture resistance, acid and alkali resistance, sturdiness and durability, and long service life. The air-flow principle shutters, do not consume electricity, do not need to switch, and can effectively prevent rain intrusion. The kitchen exhaust fan is planned and installed without occupying space and no air duct is required.

kitchen exhaust fan

What are the advantages of kitchen exhaust fans?

1. Exhaust fans'automated forming process with extremely high precision

2. Extra-thick galvanized layer, strong corrosion resistance

3. High-strength alloy casting wheel hub, lightweight, high strength, and good toughness

4. New twisted stamping forming fan blades, blades The typing angle of kitchen exhaust fans are reasonable, the air volume is large, and the noise is low.

5. The blinds can be automatically opened and closed to achieve wind, dust, rain, and beautiful effects.

6. The rear safety net of exhaust fans is easy to disassemble and maintain.


How to install the kitchen exhaust fans?

1. Before installation, first check whether the components of the kitchen exhaust fan are complete and safe, and check whether the shell and fan blades are deformed or damaged due to the transportation process, otherwise, they should be repaired before they can be used after confirming that they are normal.

2.  Before installation, check whether the exhaust fan has sufficient strength and whether the fixing screws meet the size of the fan installation hole.

3. Check whether the frame and fan blades are deformed, whether the exhaust fan blades rotate flexibly, and whether there is friction, and check whether all fasteners are complete and tightened.

4. Before installation, check whether the positions and installation dimensions of the kitchen exhaust fans and outlet are relative.

5. The line voltage must match the rated voltage on the motor.

6. The non-wiring part of the exhaust fan motor cannot be disassembled at will. When wiring, open the cover of the wiring room and insert the lead wire to the terminal. After connection, cover the cover and tighten the screw to make the gap less than 0.2MM. 7. Check whether the rotating parts touch each other and whether the fasteners are firm.

It is the responsibility of each manufacturer to produce kitchen exhaust fans that meet the standards, so as to ensure the safety of the electricity supply. Fan motor Co., Ltd. conducts many tests on durable kitchen exhaust fans before they leave the factory, and the quality qualification rate is guaranteed. If you are in the kitchen exhaust fans business, you can consider our cost-effective products.

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