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How to use a warmer fan motor?

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A warmer fan motor is essentially a heater that operates by using a fan to push air over a heating element. When the air passes over the heating element, it gets heated up and is consequently pushed out of the heater. In this way, a warmer fan motor warms up a room. This article introduces some aspects of the warmer fan motor.

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Here is the content list:

Features of A Warmer fan motor

Power Consumption of A Fan Heater

Usage of A Warmer fan motor

1. Features of A Warmer fan motor

Here are the basic features of warmer fan motors:

Today, almost all modern warmer fan motors come with a power setting to regulate the power output.

Some models may have a thermostat that can turn off the heating when the desired temperature is attained. However, these thermostats cannot maintain perfect control over room temperature as they are usually attached to the body of the heater and senses the room temperature from there, which may not be accurate all the time.

Externally vented warmer fan motors use common heating elements and can generate an impressive heat supply.

In warmer fan motors equipped with a hydronic heating system, hot water tubing is used.

2.Power Consumption of a Warmer fan motor

On average, the power consumption of warmer fan motors can range from 1,000W to 3,000W. Though the more advanced models use less energy compared to the outdated models, warmer fan motors are not an energy-efficient option. One electric warmer fan motor can consume up to three times more electricity than a 4-to-6-star reverse cycle air conditioner heater.

3.Usage of A Warmer fan motor

While residential warmer fan motors are used for heating homes, offices, and such small living spaces, industrial warmer fan motors are used in large areas such as warehouses, shipping containers, factories, etc.

A warmer fan motor is an efficient way to heat your room during winters. To warm up the room and save energy simultaneously, set the warmer fan motor at a lower temperature and insulate the room. This way, the hot air will be distributed evenly throughout the room without the heat escaping outside.

Every house in cold countries has a heating and ventilation system. Heating refers to the process of heating the home by using appliances that generate heat (room heaters and warmer fan motors) or through a central heating system. In a central heating system, there is a boiler, a furnace, or a heat pump to heat water. It is positioned in a central location within the home from where the heat is transferred to different parts of the house by convection, conduction, or radiation.

Ventilation is the process by which the stale air within the house is exerted out to be replaced by fresh and clean air. It involves both, the exchange of the internal air with the outside air and air circulation of air within the house. Furthermore, ventilation is a great way to cool your house naturally.

Guangzhou Yuexun Electric Appliance Co., Ltd has developed a variety of different warmer fan motors. If you are in the warmer fan motor business, you can consider using our cost-effective products.

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